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Lutsk National Technical University is an equal opportunity institution where international students are admitted regardless of race, sex, native language or religion.

History of Lutsk National Technical University begins from 1966. Since that time a lot of leading experts have graduated from the University.


To get an invitation the following documents should be sent by e-mail to International Relations Office (inter_ldtu@ukr.net):

- scanned copy of passport (page with photo);

- scanned copy of previous education document (high school certificate, Bachelor’s degree certificate and with supplement or transcript of records);

- written consent on processing of personal data.

Students from visa countries, as well as countries with which Ukraine has signed agreements on visa-free stay of up to 90 days (tourist, private and business trips), need to obtain a long-term (“study”, type D) visa to Ukraine, which allows you to stay in Ukraine more than 90 days.

To obtain a type D visa, a candidate for study must submit to the Consulate of Ukraine in your country the documents listed on the Embassy’s website. Such a list of documents must include the original “Invitation to Study”. In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that your prior education documents before applying to the consulate must be officially certified in the way adopted in your country (legalized (Ministry of Education + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy of Ukraine in your country) or certified by Apostille stamp + are legalized at the Embassy of Ukraine). These documents must be officially recognized in Ukraine so that Ukrainian university can give you a diploma after graduation.

After getting visa (type D) an international applicant must buy a ticket and arrive to Ukraine not later than 45 days before visa expiry date. An international applicant should also inform International relations office (inter_ldtu@ukr.net) all details concerning his arriving to Ukraine (date, time, flight etc).


1) the original and copy of previous education document (high school certificate, Bachelor’s degree certificate);

2) the original and a copy of diploma supplement or transcript of records;

3) an international passport of a foreigner or any other document which identifies a stateless individual with a D-type visa (D-13) for the countries with visa procedure of entry issued by consular offices of Ukraine in a home country on the basis of an invitation letter;

4) health insurance, if nothing other is stipulated by the international Ukrainian agreements;

5) 4 photos (3x4) on matte paper;

6) a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if eligible).

The documents referred to 1 – 3 of this paragraph shall be translated into Ukrainian language and approved by a notary.

The documents referred to 1 – 2 of this paragraph must be certified by Apostille stamp in the country where the documents were issued or must be certified in the country of issue in the manner officially used in that country for such certification and legalized by the relevant foreign institution of Ukraine, if nothing other is stipulated by the international Ukrainian agreements.

Duration of studying:

- Bachelor Course – 4 years;

- Master Course – 1.5 year.


Lutsk National Technical University takes into account the calculation of points / grades of applicant's previous education document (school leaving certificate or bachelor diploma). The Admissions Committee also organizes entrance exams for foreigners in the following subjects:

  • Ukrainian language;

  • English;

  • professional discipline (physics, mathematics, etc.).

We recommend in-depth study of these disciplines during preparation for admission. Entrance exams are conducted in the form of testing and interviews.

In case of insufficient level of Ukrainian language there is a possibility of enrolment to language courses for foreigners without passing entrance exams.


The foreigners who do not speak Ukrainian, may be enrolled on language courses (preparatory courses) with intensive study of Ukrainian. Enrolment to language courses for foreigners is conducted without passing entrance exams.

Duration of language courses is approximately 8 or 12 months. It’s an additional period spent by international students in our university. During that time foreigners can study our history and traditions, communicate with leading scientists and professors. That will help them to adapt to faculties’ demands in future.

After successful completing of the language courses, an international student receives a certificate of the state standard, which gives the right to enrol Lutsk NTU or other Ukrainian university.

TUITION FEES (2021/2022 academic year)

Tuition fee is fully established in national currency:

  • for full-time students is 39000 UAH per year.

  • for part-time students is 39000 UAH per year.

Language course: 29140 UAH.


Please contact Ukrainian Embassy/Consulate in your country and find out their requirements for student visa applicants.


Social life

Being a student means having active social life, full of unforgettable activities, which will obviously become precious memories for the rest of the life.

There are numerous of different quests, contests, and cultural clubs being conducted at the local student communities. Brainstorming competitions are popular in LNTU. Students take part in scientific conferences to present their research.

Students have the opportunity to relax in the summer camps of Lutsk National Technical University on the picturesque shores of lakes Svitiaz and Ріsochne.

During study in LNTU you can find possibilities to do any sport you like. We have sports complex, including 4 gyms, swimming pool, stadium and sport grounds, is used for the recovery of students and staff.

Advantages of studying at Lutsk National Technical University:

  • IV level of accreditation, high quality education;

  • wide range of technical and economical specialties;

  • 90% PhD and Dr. teaching staff;

  • comfortable accommodation;

  • low education fee;

  • free access to the Internet;

  • favourable geographical location (bordered with Poland, Belarus);

  • double degree programmes with Polish and Portuguese Universities;

  • student exchange academic programmes with Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Lithuanian HEIs;

  • language course (Ukrainian language learning).


International students have the possibility to live in university hostels. There are 2 hostels of LNTU, which are located not far from University buildings and which have separate floors designed for residence of foreigners. It is also possible to rent a flat.


National currency is Hryvnia (UHR). You can change foreign currency in banks, kiosks, in the international airport.

Payment for purchasing and services is done in hryvnias. You can use credit cards of international payment systems. They can be used in many of the shops, hotels, transport companies, clubs and restaurants.

There are a lot of banks which everybody can use to open the account. In these banks you can save money both in foreign currency and Ukrainian hryvnia. Branches of these banks are situated in all regions of the country. It makes it easier to transfer money through the Western Union, Money Gram and many more local money transfer systems.


The international airports of Borispol and Lviv are the air gate of the country. Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv is located 180 km from Lutsk and it is very comfortable to get from the airport to Lutsk. You can take a taxi, shuttle-bus, bus.

Ukraine has a well developed transportation system. So there will no problems to get to any part of the country. You can travel all over the country by train or bus. Tickets on train you can buy in advance either at the railway station or in the city. On the day of departure a ticket can be bought on the station only.


Ukraine is a big agricultural country with different cooking traditions. Different food can be bought in shops, supermarkets, agricultural markets. Cafeterias, restaurants and fast food restaurants propose different cuisine. Indian and Pakistani mess is available.


Vice-Rector - Nadiia Kovalchuk 

E-mail: pnp@lntu.edu.ua


International Relations Officer - Olha Hnatiuk

E-mail: inter_ldtu@ukr.net

Address: 43018, Ukraine, Lutsk, Lvivska Street, 75 


Facebook :International Relations Office, Lutsk NTU

Instagram: inter_lutskntu