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LNTU students Anastasiia Kushnir, Daryna Badenchuk and Anna Kravchuk became participants in an unusual international mobility program. The girls visited a camp in Poland aimed at learning sailing. The explorers had the opportunity to visit interesting places in our neighbouring country; they received a unique experience, new acquaintances and unforgettable impressions.

Anna Kravchuk, a student in the "Accounting and Taxation" specialty, tells about special features of the camp, the new knowledge and skills our students gained, and how they were met in Poland.


- You've recently returned from Poland. Tell me, where have you been exactly?

- We have been to Roganty, this is a very small village, a settlement in Mazury, in the north-east of Poland.

- Within the framework of which program did the trip take place? What is special about the camp?

- We travelled as part of the "Solidarity with Ukraine" project, financed by NAWA (National Agency for Academic Exchanges). A special feature of the camp was that we lived in tents, because it is a sports camp.


- What was the camp aimed at? What new things did you learn and discuss with your foreign colleagues?

- The camp was aimed at learning sailing, since Roganta is located on the shore of Dargin Lake, so we often swam. We learned how to tie knots, raise and lower sails and even went on a yacht in the lake.

- What did you manage to see during this time? What interested you the most?

- We saw a lot, had time to walk around Lodz, visited the Lodz University of Technology, and saw the incredible nature of Poland. The village in which we lived near the lake is very beautiful and clean, it is a little similar to Svitiaz, only with yachts. I liked it the most when we went out on a yacht to a lake in another port, it was very cool, I cannot express my emotions.


- What are your impressions of being in the camp and in Poland as a whole?

- I liked everything very much. There are friendly people, we met a lot of friends, the nature is very beautiful, we were constantly given some classes, so we were never bored. We swam a lot and engaged in various sports (badminton, volleyball, kayaking). Everything was great!

-Would you advise students and your colleagues to join similar programs? What, in your opinion, gives young people the opportunity for international mobility?

-Of course, I advise students to apply for such programs, because it is a very interesting experience, new acquaintances, gaining new knowledge, and practicing and improving foreign language skills. I will continue to participate in similar events and recommend them to everyone!