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During the week, from June 24 to July 2, students of LNTU were in the city of Lodz (Poland) as part of the School of Competencies for the 21st Century Industry!

There, they acquired new knowledge and skills, communicated with representatives of leading global companies and scientists, worked in teams and trained in soft and hard skills.

The participants of the project were:

  • - Bohdana Troianchuk - Master's student of the Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies;
  • - Kateryna Vavryniuk - Master's student of the Department of Digital Educational Technologies;
  • - Mariia Bandura - third-year student of the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Health;
  • - Sofiia Silvestrova - first-year student of the Department of Technologies and Equipment of Processing Industries.


Sofiia Silvestrova tells how everything was: "Different people from different countries participated in the project, including France, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia and Ukraine. We've developed good and friendly relations with everyone, and we spent a lot of time together, communicating and completing the tasks assigned to us.

The purpose of the visit was to deepen knowledge in the field of 21st-century competencies. Working with Amazon and listening to pieces of training from B/S/H and Faurecia, I learned a lot of new and interesting information about working at these companies, their goals and opportunities. We were divided into small teams, each one had a problem connected with a certain company. We had to find ways to solve these problems, investigate their origins and try to eliminate the causes. So we worked as a team, looking for and coming up with options to solve these problems. At the end of the project, all teams offered their presentations and the winner was chosen."


Besides participants of the project were given tours around Łódź and taken to thermal waters. Thanks to these ways of spending free time students get to know everyone and find common interests for further communication and work.

"I enjoyed this short stay in Poland very much, studying and meeting new people. Thank our Lutsk National Technical University for such wonderful opportunities for short-term study abroad!" - emphasized Sofiia.