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Students of the School of Practical Journalism in Lutsk received three days of knowledge and practice. The lectures and trainings were attended by 15 participants who plan to connect their lives with the field of journalism and communications.

Among the participants of the School are the first-year students of the educational programme "Media Communications and PR" of LNTU Iryna Hryschuk, Khrystyna Drychyk and Artem Trofymchuk.

The intensive took place on September, 23-25th in the Volyn anti-crisis hub for resettled activists and public organizations. The organizers of the school were the network of hyperlocal sites and the Center for Journalistic Solidarity in Lutsk.

The location of the event is "Meraba: Volyn anti-crisis hub for resettled activists and public organizations", which was created by the NGO "Center for the Development of Social Capital", the NGO "Institute of Cross-Border Initiatives" in partnership with the Volyn Regional Library for Youth with the support of ISAR Unity within the project "Initiative sectoral support of civil society".

Over the course of three days, students of the school gained knowledge and practical skills in various areas of journalism and media communications. They were taught by well-known journalists in Volyn and specialists in public relations.

They are the head of innovative projects of CID Media Group Nataliya Pahaichuk, press officer of the 100th separate terror defense brigade Serhii Khominskyi, communicator, author of the blog "Knyzhkova dylerka" Anna Yekymenko-Polishchuk, spokeswoman of the prosecutor's office of the Volyn region Nataliia Murakhevych, spokeswoman of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region Ivanna Polishchuk, spokeswoman of the Main Police Department in the Volyn Region Olga Buzuluk, , editor of the publication Rayon.Kultura Iryna Ostapchuk, director of the information agency "" Nataliya Holodiuk, head of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine Serhii Shturkhetskyi, editor of the publication's news feed Rayon.Lutsk Viktoriya Slobodian, TV journalist, presenter of TV projects Iryna Kudrya, editor of the TSN website Olena Kuzmych, chief editor of the network Iryna Vorotna, chief editor of the fact-checking project "Brechunets" Svitlana Kyrylova and marketer of the network Anastasia Borshch.

All speakers have prepared responsibly and tried to include as much practical information as possible in their speeches, which can be applied at work.

"I am impressed by various projects that take place during wartime. Because it would seem, now the task is to "survive", and people do not just work or volunteer but are also ready to learn. I am convinced that journalism is now more important than ever. And I hope that the students of the school, at least, will decide whether they are ready to devote themselves to this work. Because no matter how pathetic it sounds, journalism is not just a vocation, but actually a whole life. Therefore, I was glad to join the educational project and share my own experience," commented one of the lecturers, Anna Yekymenko-Polishchuk.

Upon completion of studies, each of the students of the school has the opportunity to choose an individual mentor and undergo an internship in journalism in the network

By the way, the organizers of the intensive have received a lot of positive feedback from future colleagues.

"I am happy that I had the opportunity to participate in the school of journalism. I am amazed that in such a short period of time I was able to get a lot of useful information and meet many wonderful people. All the experts who gave lectures conveyed information in an interesting and simple manner. I listened to everyone with enthusiasm. The school exceeded all my expectations. I made sure that I really want to be a journalist," said listener Anastasia Yatsiuk.