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The goal of the project is to support the professional development of public servants in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine through the regular exchange of knowledge and experience between national-level institutions engaged in improving the qualifications of civil servants and local self-government officials, as well as through measures aimed at increasing the capacity to develop modern educational approaches.

The project is organized by the U-LEAD with Europe program within the framework German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Natalia VAVDIUK, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Management of Lutsk National Technical University, won individual grants for participation in the following trainings for trainers during 2019-2020:





Round table and training for trainers "Values in public service and ethics"

Tbilisi, Georgia


Training for trainers on ethical leadership

Kyiv, Ukraine


Final round table. Training for trainers. Advanced course

Berlin, Germany

The project will become a platform for:

  • Continuous exchange of knowledge between institutions of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
  • Exchange of experience in the implementation of reforms and solutions, identification of similar topics and change projects.
  • Exchange of practices that have a similar priority.
  • Joint implementation of change projects and work on defined topics.
  • A dialogue to discuss new approaches and solutions in the field of professional development of public servants, new training programs and training models for advanced proficiency training of civil servants and officials in local self-government bodies.
  • Creation of communities of practitioners.
  • Project duration: until January 2020.