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The project "Experience of the Visegrad Group Countries in Small Business Development" was implemented in the framework of the programme INTERNATIONAL VISEGRAD FUND’S VISEGRAD UNIVERSITY STUDIES GRANT / V4EAP VISEGRAD UNIVERSITY STUDIES GRANT APPLICATION FORM.

Duration: 2015-2017

Coordinators: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Iryna VAKHOVYCH, Associate Professor Myroslava ZABEDIUK.

Project goals: Studying the experience of the Visegrad 4 countries in business.

Expected outcomes: The project will increase the level of qualification of future specialists.

Project activities: Invitation of guest lecturers to Lutsk National Technical University for lectures on conducting business in the Visegrad 4 countries.


1. Marcin Zhuk (the Lublin University of Technology, the Republic of Poland)

2. Aneta Bobenic-Hintosova (University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Business in Kosice, the Slovak Republic)

3. Vakhovych Iryna (Lutsk National Technical University)

4. Myroslava Zabediuk (Lutsk National Technical University)

Lecture topics:

1. Getting to know the history of the V4

2. Organizational and legal forms of small business in V4 countries

3. Principles of small business development in V4 countries

4. Methods of entering the business in V4 countries

5. Small business risks in V4 countries

6. The main features of the development of the V4 countries

7. Direct foreign investment in V4 countries

8. Legal and tax aspects of running a small business in V4 countries

9. Macroeconomic environment of small business in V4 countries

Guest meeting with V4 lecturers

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