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Let's feed the animals in the eco-restaurant! Myth or reality?

The lecturers of the Department of Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Oksana Polinkevych and Oksana Hromyk, together with the students of 241 Hotel, restaurant and catering, became participants in the project "Strengthening the social responsibility of universities to achieve sustainable development", which is implemented with the support of the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The coordinator of the project is the Acting Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work, International Activities and Investments of the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Doctor of Economic Sciences Inna Khovrak. On November 20, the training "Development and implementation of sustainable development projects" was held, which made it possible to familiarize participants with the secrets of successful creation and implementation of projects, tools for forming communication strategies and determining key performance indicators using the Zoom platform.

The coordinator of the training, Inna Khovrak, made a welcome speech to the project participants, talked about the program and outlined the values of participating in it for all stakeholders.

During the training, our team's project "Eco-restaurant of healthy food for animals" was also discussed, the purpose of which is:

  • to break the stereotype that "homeless animals differ from domestic animals in character and behaviour, it is good for them to live on the street";
  • to show the other side of homeless animals - they are as well-behaved, cute and funny as pets, but they have not yet been lucky enough to find a family;
  • animal nutrition should be ecological to avoid many health problems for both domestic and stray animals; organization of a place for a tasting of healthy food for animals.

During the implementation of the project 6 teams were formed:

  • a team of leaders - Daria Osypchuk, Yulia Hrynchuk;
  • a team of logicians - Olena Pahutiak, Anastasia Pihut;
  • a team of virtuosos - Kateryna Shabala, Oleksandr Ishchuk ;
  • a team of entrepreneurs - Diana Horoliuk, Victoria Hulko;
  • a defence team - Victoria Yushchenko, Ivanna Slobodzian;
  • a team of activists - Tetiana Bulavchuk, and Sofia Trushko.

Professor Oksana Polinkevych coordinated the work of the teams of leaders, logicians, and activists, and Professor Oksana Hromyk coordinated the teams of virtuosos, entrepreneurs, and defenders. In each team, the leaders presented the results of their work, in particular:

Daria Osypchuk presented the goal, idea and tasks of the project;

Olena Pahutyak presented the results of the survey conducted by the teams in October 2021;

Kateryna Shabala presented the animal menu, examples of presentation and cooking technology;

Diana Horoliuk presented the target audience and work plan within the project;

Victoria Yushchenko presented achievements and announcements of the event;

Tetiana Bulavchuk presented project implementation risks, sustainable development goals and performance indicators.

The main goals of the project are:

  • Pay attention to the problems of feeding domestic and stray animals;
  • Organize a charity fundraiser to help pets of the "Laska" utility company;
  • Increase the level of social responsibility of citizens, in particular, animal owners;
  • Conduct the campaign "Find a friend", and "Don't leave a friend hungry";
  • To give residents and guests of the city many positive emotions.

The project will contribute to the implementation of such sustainable development goals as Goal 15 "Preservation of land ecosystems" and Goal 11 "Sustainable development of cities and communities".

You can find the materials of the project presentation and the development concept of "Eco-restaurant of healthy food for animals" here:

We thank the organizer of the event, Inna Khovrak, for the opportunity to involve students in the development and implementation of an interesting project. The coordinators from the Lutsk National Technical University, Oksana Polinkevych and Oksana Hromyk, student activists, spoke with words of gratitude.