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Lutsk National Technical University has constant cooperation and strong educational and scientific ties with Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa (JDU). This is not the first year when within the framework of inter-institutional agreements, students study for free under the double degree program, teachers of both universities undergo joint scientific and didactic internships and participate in the organization of joint conferences, round tables, project preparation, etc.


One of the areas of cooperation is the participation of LNTU lecturers as visiting professors at JDU. Accordingly, in the period from 02.10.2023 to 02.11.2023 the head of the Department of Materials Science Mykola Melnychuk as a visiting professor at Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa carried out in English the course "Sustainable Development for Engineers" for master's students in the "Security Engineering" specialty in amount of 60 hours.


Besides, the visiting professor took part in a round table with the Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences, Prof. Marcyn Sosnovsky and the head of the educational program "Innovative technologies and materials" Assoc. Prof. Karolina Grabovska. They agreed on the annexes to the agreement on the double diploma programme for specialty 132 "Materials Science" at the bachelor's level, in terms of the recognition of study results between universities and the structure of educational components in the joint educational program.


In addition, the scientists agreed to hold a joint conference of young scientists in 2024 and discussed interaction in scientific topics of the departments of both universities.
The small actions of each "polytechnic member" contribute to the development of the University and the integration of Ukraine into the European family.


Домовилися про проведення спільної конференції молодих вчених у 2024 році. Обговорили співпрацю у наукових темах кафедр обох університетів.

Маленькі кроки кожного «політехівця» роблять свій вклад у розвиток Університету та інтеграції України у Європейську родину.

Микола Мельничук, зав.каф.матеріалознавства