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As part of the discipline "Economic-statistical methods and information technologies for supporting management decisions", students and lecturers of the master's degree in the specialty 051 Economics on October 31, 2023, listened to an interesting specialized webinar on the topic "Data analytics and artificial intelligence for manufacturing industry" from a Polish company StatSoft Polska Sp. zo.o that distributes modern information technologies for data analysis on the European market.

During the webinar, speaker Tomasz Demski provided an overview of different approaches and applications, as well as practical advice on implementing data analytics and artificial intelligence in the industry.


Today, data can be the source of innovation, savings and growth. However, if they are not properly managed, shared and analysed, they only mean expenses.


A variety of modern data analytics and artificial intelligence tools help improve various aspects of production processes: ensuring and improving quality, optimizing the use of energy and resources, predicting and preventing failures (predictive maintenance), optimizing logistics and much more.


Currently, StatSoft Polska Sp. z o. o. offers many different information systems and technologies for conducting data analytics using artificial intelligence to make various decisions in the industry.


Learning the possibilities of a wide range of programs, in particular, those offered by StatSoft Polska Sp. zo.o, will allow to expand the professional competence of future economists regarding the use of modern information technologies and economic-mathematical methods and models for the study of economic and social processes adequate to the established research needs.


We thank the representatives of the StatSoft Polska company for an interesting and informative presentation that will allow us to deepen the informational and analytical competencies of future economists.

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Олександр Шубалий