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Lutsk National Technical University gathered the results of the STARTUP project competition among students. For two months, winners of various faculties and specialities worked on the development of their unique projects and presented their achievements.


In total, 32 of the bravest and most active students, who presented 12 projects, reached the finals.

We would like to add that the competition was held as part of the project "Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence in Higher Education Institutes" (AccEnt Project), which is carried out within the framework of the initiative of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT).
Jury members have chosen three winning teams that implemented the most interesting and relevant ideas.

Therefore, a team of five students (Ivan Bereza, Vladyslav Matviichuk, Mykola Holomys, Denys Serediuk and Vitalii Klitiuk) won third place. They presented the "Gwyntik" project. This mobile app analyzes a screw and selects a screwdriver for it. All the user needs is to open the app on the phone, point the camera at the head of the screw and find the hint.


The authors emphasize that there is currently a tendency to forget the war as a socio-political phenomenon and a lack of quality Ukrainian-language content. People get used to tragic news, get used to war, begin to donate less to help the Armed Forces and talk less about war in general. Therefore, the authors of the project see the solution in creating a comic book as an illustration of reality and preserving the memory of the heroes' exploits. The students aim to sell the comic using online platforms and in bookstores and send part of the proceeds to help combat units.


The "MIDON – Minus drone" project became the winner of the competition managed by a team of students Volodymyr Sverba, Yevhen Tsurkov and Roman Siniuk. The team proposes a specialized radio frequency spectrum emitter as a means of electronic warfare to jam navigation and information signals from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Today, the violation of the airspace of Ukraine by enemy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is an obvious problem. Therefore, the world needs the timely development of reliable and effective solutions for countering drones. The startup solution is to develop a means of radio-electronic warfare (EW) to block navigation signals and transmit information from unmanned aerial vehicles. At a distance of up to 2 kilometres, the installation cancels the control signal, which neutralizes the trajectory of the drone. The peculiarity of the students' development is that variants of a similar device on the market cost about $12,000, while MIDON costs $1,400.